The lifestyle transformation you've been looking for

Have you struggled with anxiety, low self esteem & chronic injuries?

Have you never felt good enough to change your body shape?

You may have thought you'd never overcome these challenges..

But with me, reconnecting with your confidence and managing that anxiety isn't just a pipe dream.

I'll teach you the basic fundamentals you can apply to any lifestyle to reclaim that confidence in your body, manage that anxiety & work those chronic pains and injuries.

the Redesign

The Online Transformation Program for reclaiming your confidence.

I've been featured on...


Jake Pearson

"I didn't think the change I wanted to see in my own body was realistic, I honestly never thought I'd never I'd be where I am now.I was diagnosed with a bulging disc between my L5-S1 Vertebrae.


It wasn't until I was told it would be permanent that I snapped. I was told I couldn't lift weights for a while because of the nerve pain, I didn't want to go backwards.


So I stopped making excuses and started to focus on being more prepared and doing anything and everything to prove I could beat this. 


Fast forward 12 months, the pain is all but gone and I've drastically transformed my body in a way I thought wasn't possible. I hadn't been able to Squat, Deadlift and sometimes even Bench Press without pain.


I had to use a pillow under my hips to ease the pain at night and sometimes I struggled to walk, I was honestly so worried about my future and I wasn't even 21 yet.


My passion is to help educate and change the lives of others who suffer with injuries and struggle with changing their bodies."


Edward Kays

'Hey I'm Ed, mid 30's with a passion for outdoor activities such as rock climbing, abseiling & scuba diving.


My goals at the moment are to firstly get into the Police Force and then ultimately either to Dog Squad or Search and Rescue.


My achievements at the moment since Christmas 2017, I have lost and maintained 11kg's and dropped about 2 belt sizes.


This has been achieved through modifying some of my eating habits and two half hour resistance training sessions a week & bugger all cardio!


If there is anyone out there looking to just improve their general health & fitness or looking for a similar transformation I would definitely recommend to hit up Jake and yeah, have fun!'

Ryan Trotter

'I'm Ryan, I'm 23. I am a competitive dancer and an assistant instructor for ballroom. I've suffered from Kyphosis my whole life which has basically left me hunched.


So I've come to Jake looking to build my strength, improve my posture, confidence, lifestyle choices, we've talked about all that.


Now I have the ability and strength to stand up pretty much, so far I've managed to achieved that, the weights keep going up in the gym, I'm not so self conscious to walk into the gym anymore, my confidence is incredibly improved.


And I would absolutely recommend Jake, he's been a great mate to me and has guided me through all these exercises that I've had no experience at before and I look forward to keep going!'


Matt Long

'I'm Matt, I'm 19 I'm looking to join the Army. I've been working with Jake to really get the physical part of the army down pat.


He's been a great influence especially with the training that we do, so we do two sessions a week and that's working out really well for me.


I also do nutrition training with him through his MP program which I highly recommend if you have the chance to do it.


And just really building a better lifestyle so that when I go out into the army I have some of those foundation skills, so through the MP program I'm learning about ya know, food timing and a whole heap of other stuff if you get to cover it, it's great.


And with our weight training, I've pretty much walked in with no gym experience whatsoever and he's walked me through it all, it has worked out pretty well.


As well as just he's a great influence on ya know, everyone that I've talked to who that works with him and he's running a community of people around the Bacchus Marsh area and I would 100% recommend him.'


Natalie Elizabeth

'"Hey I'm Nat, I'm 22.

So before I started with Jake I weighed in at the heaviest I'd ever weighed at and I honestly couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore.

When I first started with Jake I went in and I actually had a torn rotator cuff, which really limited I felt like my ability to train properly but with Jake we worked around that and I did exercises that were better and fit in with my rehabilitation for that in consultation with a physiotherapist.

So I couldn't stand look at myself in the mirror, that was where I was 6 months, now while I still don't like the way I look I am much happier with how far I've come and how I feel in general on a daily basis.

I still have much further to go but I am definitely confident I can get there.

If you're considering ever working with Jake, I'd would 10/10 recommend.

He has been so supportive & helpful in my recovery in my torn rotator cuff & just keeping me accountable.

He helps to refocus you when you feel like you're getting lost & he builds a sense of trust that's undeniable and it's a good feeling.


Tried every diet?
Had multiple gym memberships?
Worked with a coach that didn't provide more than training?

Maybe you're ready to work with a professional who can teach you more about yourself than the amount of calories you need & kg's you can lift.

Are you be ready to feel confident again?

Permanent, sustainable and healthy lifestyle transformation.

For a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, you too can have access to the methods I used to completely transform my body while staying the same weight. It hasn't been easy but I'm proud to say I've kept my results and I'm continuously improving my strength and muscle to fat ratio!
I'm now looking to help someone just like you change your life.


When you sign up to my exclusive coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for real people just like you from all walks of life.


Let me help you lose the transform your body & mindset. No more diets that make you hate life, no more wasted gym memberships, no more up-and-down battles with motivation, no longer letting injuries hold you back, no more self-sabotaging.  

If your application to join our team is successful, I promise you that I will:

  • Design a training program that suits your busy schedule

  • Design a training program for your needs, regardless of injury or limitations

  • Educate and empower you to make food choices that you enjoy, can sustain and will help you lose weight

  • Surround you with a support network of people just like you on their own journey to keep you engaged and motivated

  • Be there every step of the way to answer your questions and support you

How It Works

Our customized training programs are comprehensive and holistic in approach, and include the following services:
Personalised Training Program with Videos
Healthy Meal Construction Guidelines
Weekly Coaching

An initial video consultation to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training as well as set short and mid-term goals for you to aim for.

A personalized training program that evolves with you, with tutorial videos based on your schedule and limitations. 

Together we build a weekly meal plan based on your requirements to maximize your results. 

No silly PDF files or spreadsheets to follow, you get REAL week to week live coaching and feedback.

Access to our private Facebook group for extra motivation and support.

Our personal email for the ultimate 24/7 email support & guidance.

This program is guaranteed to help you create the body you desire and live that way forever!


A beautifully presented manual complete with Metabolic Priming, Metabolic Nutrition Timing, The Metabolically Precise Meal Construction System, The Kitchen Makeover System, The 10 Point Exercise System, Over 50 Ways to Eat to leave your blubber! How to monitor your plan without counting a single calorie!

The hard cover & online MP Cookbible gives you over 175 gourmet-quality recipes that optimise health and fat loss results.

Turn your car or phone into a mobile university! Learn the Principles of Success, the steps to creating a great plan, how to nutritionally accelerate recovery after exercise, boost energy during workouts and trigger rapid changes in body shape.

The Web App- designed to carry your online portal in the palm of your hand and allow you to take your journey to redesigning your health where ever you may be in the world!

You can get ALL of this plus more starting from just $50 Per Week


No Gimmicks. Real People. Real Results.






About Jake

Jake has been able to turn his life around by conquering a spinal disc to nerve injury and transform his body completely without further damaging his body.


This young man has set out to help educate others who struggle with injuries, endless amounts of training without any gain and provide a clear path to those who are looking to transform not just their body, but overcome their own harsh mental barriers.


“Having gone through this journey myself, I understand exactly what my clients will go through on the path to their own transformation.


I've been in the health and fitness industry 2 years helping others achieve their goals. The approach I take is holistic, realistic and sustainable. I really want to empower others with the knowledge they need to keep them strong and healthy both mentally and physically for the rest of their lives. 


Transforming your body and your life should be a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable journey, not an endless grind where you feel like you have to live in the gym and be 100% strict on yourself to get a result. You don't - I've done it, let me show you how you can too.”

Who I am looking to work with...

I'm not here to muck around. I'm here to transform lives.

If the following description sounds like you, I want to hear from you!

  • You've struggled with a negative mindset for as long as you can remember

  • You've tried diets, gym memberships etc that haven't gotten you where you desire

  • You constantly struggle with motivation on a daily basis

  • It feels like you just don't have the time to do this even though you really want to

  • You don't know where to start and need someone who has been there and done it themselves to show you the way

  • Be willing to commit to 12 months of accountability;

  • Be able to commit to 3-4 training sessions a week at your gym (we'll help you find one of you don't have one!)

  • Be ready to step it up and really take your transformation to the next level

Apply now to join The Redesign to:

  • Eat lots of yummy food

  • Exercise for only a handful of hours per week

  • Create your own blueprint for success!

  • Get the results you deserve - and know how to keep them!

  • Get more support & motivation

  • Create a tailored plan for your lifestyle 

  • Learn the tools to make it a lifestyle for the whole family

  • Get a result you can keep

    You can get ALL of this plus more starting from just $50 Per Week