Steve Guy on Myotherapy, Stretching, The Iron Man Championships & Athletes!

Updated: Aug 24

Hey Redesign Community, glad you could make it to the blog! I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Guy from Steve Guy Myotherapy for this weeks episode and there were some fantastic takeaways from this episode like, how dedicated this man is to his craft, or how passionate he is for his sport. Wait, that's not myotherapy related.. But we did get some fantastic tips that I wanted to share with you directly from the mouth of the Man himself, Steve.

Sneak Peak of the Episode

Make sure to listen to the full episode here

"It comes back to finding your goal, be it as simple or as vast as you want it to be and working towards in in small, manageable increments. The second part is find people who have done what you're looking to achieve, people who have done it before, an expert, a trainer, some one who may have ran 10km's if you're trying to run 5km. Find people who know what you want and how you can succeed." - Steve Guy

We'd of the Redesign Community would like to express Steve a massive thank you for coming onto the show to share his wealth of knowledge and wish him very well on his journey to improving the health of everyone he touches.

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