Matthew Long - Journey to the ADF

It's not every day that you can tell your close friends and family that you've reached a massive goal in your life, and it's not every day you can happily say you're on your way to join the Australian Defense Force. It was an absolute pleasure to watch this young man straight out of high school move directly into bettering his health and well-being to achieve just that.

Over 2 years, I had the opportunity to coach Matthew as a client who was eager to learn and better himself in the gym for his physical strength. But watching him mature mentally into a brilliant young man with stronger core values was also a huge plus, on top of making a good friend along the way.

Sneak Peak of the Episode

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5 Transformation Tips from Matthew Long

1. Set little goals that are broken down from your major goal, like check points.

2. Listen to those around you who have done it, listen to experience.

3. Leave everything at the door of the gym, ego, walk in and give it your best every time.

4. Variety is the spice of life, use spices on your for your meal prep.

5. Go with what feels right, find things you enjoy doing which are easier to stick with.

We'd of the Redesign Community would like to express Matthew a massive thank you for coming onto the show to share his own personal journey so that we can all benefit and grow together. Thank you Matthew, all the best in your training.