Edward Kays - The challenge of gaining 34kgs

Updated: Sep 29

It's not often that the stories of how we got to the unhealthiest points in our life are told, but there is always merit in hearing them. You get to understand a great deal about the life the person lived, their struggles and what makes them human before hearing about their success. Success isn't always linear either, and Ed's journey has been far, far from that.

When we first met, he was around 104kgs, which was the heaviest he had ever been. On top of being a single carer and starting a new job in corrections and the stress from the loss of a loved one, you can see how Ed's health quickly took the backseat. There have been plenty of hiccups along the way, but you can hear Ed's full journey via our podcast episode here.

A sneak peak of the episode

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Trust in your trainer, you need to trust their judgment otherwise you'll second guess yourself. 2. Training by yourself? Find a good playlist. I train better when I listen to certain type of music that helps me warm up, cool down, in the amidst your sessions etc. 3. Variety with your diet. Pick a couple good recipes, mix and match, tweak them to suit your needs.

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