'Mindfulness is the idea of learning how to be fully present and engaged in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgment.' This exact idea of learning how to be fully present and look within yourself to create better outcomes in life is what Jeanette & I had the pleasure of having a conversation about which was incredibly powerful.

'You have the power to transform your life completely!'

Ms Peterson and I really got into the deep and meaningful imprints that shapes someone into the person they are today, dating as far back as early childhood. Discussing what imprints are and how they are other people's thoughts & perceptions of who you are and how you should act and the effects that do linger from these moments deep into adult hood really shocked me. There is a lot of a to discover about yourself if you'd consider following Jeanette's Blog about being mindful and taking an inward journey.


Listen to the Redesign Your Body Podcast episode with Ms.Peterson here!

Anxiety can cause a lot of roll on effects in life that we may not even realize is really the root of one's problems in life until we go on a journey into the past and become more self aware. Lisa Arney from the Skinny 2 Strong podcast has been living with anxiety for a long period of her life, but it wasn't always that way. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Arney on the Redesign Your Body podcast to discuss her journey to her improved health and how weight lifting and developing a greater relationship with food helped her manage the anxiety that gripped her tightly.

"We battle with something inside of us day after day, it tries to knock us down, it takes us to our lowest of lows and makes us feel worthless, it makes us question everything we do and makes us want to shy away from the world" said Ms. Arney."

"If it weren’t for me wanting to find a way out of the darkness, I don’t know that I would have stumbled upon this new version of me. It’s better than I could have ever imagined."

Listen to the Redesign Your Body Podcast episode with Ms.Arney here!

When Ms. Arney was asked for her top tips for other people who experience anxiety and want to get into a better health space, this is what she had to say. "Over the years I’ve had anxiety my triggers have changed. The triggers were a social thing at first, anything with a lot of people, especially people I didn’t know. These days stress and things outside of routine are probably my biggest triggers."

Tip 1.
Get a workout buddy or find yourself a trainer to be there with you at the gym. 

Having someone to be there with me at the start was the support I needed to get me there. I could not have done it alone; I wouldn’t have even tried to be honest. 

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Get yourself some headphones to wear too. Listening to music that makes you feel comfortable and can helps you get in the zone is a really helpful tool.  

Understand that even though it may be really tough to do so. In order to grow you need to step outside your comfort zone. Those steps can be really small, get comfortable with one and then take another. It’s an amazing feeling when you take a step and try something new.

To connect with Ms. Arney, you can download her free ebook 'Conquering my Anxiety' here.

Alternatively, you can find her on Facebook or visit the Skinny to Strong Podcast

What I love about Bacchus Marsh and why I love it. Hi, I'm Jake Pearson, I'm 23/24, a personal trainer and a podcaster for the mental health & physical well being podcast 'The Redesign Your Body Podcast'.

I personally moved here in 2015 because I was looking to start a lucrative career in boxing, but quickly found that it wasn't going to happen overnight and that I had no idea on how to get started. That is when I found a Personal Trainer course in Melbourne and began studying to be a Personal Trainer.

It wasn't my intention to become a PT, but it happened on the journey to who I am today and I love it. I would commute two days a week from Bacchus Marsh and met a lot of fantastic people. Ah, the good days of seeing people. As a Personal Trainer, you get up very very early, but what's great about getting up early? The coffee. It keeps me going, and Bacchus Marsh has an abundance of coffee shops at your disposal if you're an avid coffee drinker like me. I love the filter at Botanica, Baby Black or Fossils, you can't go wrong with any of these places, the food & atmosphere is fantastic to.

You've got that real sense of community here in town which made it easier to start my personal training business as everyone knows everyone and makes it really easy to meet new people and form long lasting relationships.

I currently work out of Anytime Fitness Bacchus Marsh which is the local gym here and it has a real sense of community and togetherness

.I've met some fantastic people there which lead me to becoming a broadcaster at Apple 98.5FM.

I have dabbled in radio previously, but I never expected to be invited to present my own radio show there, so I used my personal training knowledge and experience of working with many people from different paths of life to produce the show and now podcast.

How good is Bacchus Marsh?

Let's not forget that it pretty much the dead center of Victoria, you've got Ballarat up the road and Melbourne down the road, which is an incredible mix of country and city with 40minutes each way! And what about all the nature surrounding it? You've got Wombat State Forest, The You Yang's, Werribee Gorge, Trentham Falls, Werribee Beach & Lal Lal Falls just within a 45-1hr drive.

There is absolutely no excuse to be stuck at home on a warm day when you're someone living in Bacchus. Thank you for coming to my blog about why I love Bacchus Marsh, I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Jake Pearson Personal Trainer

Host of the Redesign Your Body Podcast 0490 118 367